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1.25-liter Multijet diesel with 95 hp is a pleasure in the facelifted Fiat Punto

fiat-punto-evo-picture-01Aaaah. It’s a real pleasure to heeling himself behind the wheel of Punto Evo. The cab is a study in sleek, Italian design: Chrome Lists here and here, beautiful sweeping curves of the leather-covered front panel and pianolak on the center console. There has clearly been a focus on design, which is certainly not everyday in a car in this class.

One should however not be fooled by the picture above. For enough usable cases like ratbetjening radio, power windows and electrically side mirrors with heat standard Dynamic series, but the test car is also packed with options as tozone climate, cruise control, heated front seats, elbagruder and leather steering wheel and gear knob. The air conditioner is a prislap at 14,000 kroner Heated seats are an expensive pleasure to DKK 4,000 Рin return you get cruise control at just £ 2,000 extra.

The new 1.25-liter Multijet diesel engine in the version with 95 hp fits well with the car. Once this has been running hot, we hear virtually nothing to it, which also caused an effective soundproofing in the cabin – and force development similar to a gasoline engine: It takes happily against rotations and forces delivered without ketchup effect. Only at the start marked tremors and the bank from the engine compartment.

Absolutely involving Punto Evo will never run, mainly because the throttle response is like 500 little sister feels spongy, and management is too easy going – even if you do not propose the so-called city-feature, where all resistance in the steering wheel removed.

Start / Stop system has been standard in Punto Evo, and judging by the Dec. 2 weeks, we tested the car, it is extremely efficient. Even at eight degrees below zero and with the air conditioner running at full pressure should test car did not roll right many miles before engine willingly struck from and to the traffic lights.

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