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a109Ferrari has today announced its sales results in 2009. The Maranello company sold 6250 cars in the world, experiencing a decline of -5% over the previous year, with 6587 deliveries when he scored his historic record ever. The house, during today’s board said the figures speak of a “substantial holding” in a highly unfavorable.

In 2009, as outlined today, the niche of luxury sports has declined worldwide over 35%. Ferrari has managed to “control the contraction of sales in mature markets”

a81Tesla Roadster Electric has reached 1000 units produced. An important milestone for the sport electrical junction Lotus, initially plagued by technical problems in transmission and especially burdened with a price of around 100,000 euros, but that has managed to carve out a space thanks to the performance and the possibility of obtaining a rare electric cars already available on the market.

The sample number 1000, exhibited at the Detroit Motor Show, has been painted in the color special “Millennial White” with internal carbon fiber inserts and the proceeds from the sale will be donated to charity some American charities. Just arrived in Detroit is another example of the Tesla Roadster, chassis number 750, driven for 4300 km through the United States starting from Los Angeles to demonstrate the reliability of the car.

a72Volkswagen R will soon become a separate division against the mark in Wolfsburg: The department that deals with sport variants of the house, could then take in the future more autonomy than the same.

The announcement has already been ancitipato in recent days, and will be formalized at the next Geneva Motor Show, which will be inaugurated on March 2.

a37The American NHTSA has recalled two different measures a total of over 140,000 Volvo sold in the U.S.. These pieces produced between 2001 and 2005 and 2009. All the cars in question are bound together by a problem in the system for supplying the fuel.

The vast majority of the vehicles in question (about 136,000) are S60, S80, V70, XC 70 and XC 90 produced in the first half of the decade and used in warmer areas of the country on these vehicles is a serious risk of rupture fuel pump (with consequent fuel leakage and possible fire hazard),

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