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New Ford Ka is a car for women rather than men. Its compact size is perfect for the city.

car19Ka is the brother of Fiat 500 Cars have the same chassis, engines and transmissions. Both go down the assembly line plant in Tychy Italian brand. In a matter of fact differ only in appearance, although slightly different zestrojono the suspension.

Small Ford, the second generation was introduced to our market in late 2008, has the same length and width of at predecessor, but is 10 cm taller. Thus managed to save more space above the heads of passengers. Nevertheless, it is still not sufficiently long to people taller than 180 cm from the rear seat can speak of comfortable travel.

Skoda Octavia car is comfortable and practical. The Greenline version is also environmentally friendly.

car17Greenline in varieties Octavia sedan and wagon body went to the Polish salons in mid 2009. Compared with the basic model is distinguished by lowered by 15 mm body, reduced drag coefficient and tires with low rolling resistance.

This version of the Czech car is only available with one engine – 1.6-liter diesel with direct injection common rail. Reaching power of 105 hp turbocharged unit appears to be perfectly matched to the car. Already at 1500 rpm at our disposal than 250 Nm of torque. This provides decent acceleration – 0 to 100 km / h in less than 11.9 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 190 km / h. Even at high ratios still feel a large supply of power.

Ix Model 55 is another interesting proposal for Hyundai, which conceives itself more boldly on global markets.

car10The luxurious seven-seat SUV has been built on since 2007 is offered in the U.S. model of Veracruz, on the lower floor panel extended the Hyundai Santa Fe. Ix55 called the European version is presented for the first time in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show. In Poland, available since last year.

From the outside – in accordance with the standards in force in this class – auto looks massive. A muscular stance and the “calm” line of the body make a positive impression, but slightly less interesting looks grille air intake to the engine. But the back of the LED lights look pretty complex and the two exhaust tailpipes. Hyundai is also designed with a large 18-inch wheels.

The roomy, comfortable interior cabin of the car can fit up to 7 people. Places in the first and second row of seats is more than many a sedan, and the quality of plastics used and the skin does not leave much to be desired. The whole is toned down, without unnecessary extravagance, and most importantly functional.

car9A dynamic and technically dopieszczony Golf GTI can reach a hundred in less than 7 seconds. It is at the same time as cost-effective and most importantly safe.

Compact GTI looks attractive. It is devoid of “kilogram” plastic spoiler and sill, which can be found in some Japanese cars with a stamp “GT”. Instead, designers have proposed an unnecessary burden on the discreet, sporty elegance. The front element is a distinctive grille and honeycomb painted in red and decorative moldings. The red color is also visible at the terminals of the brake discs. Two widely spaced ends of the exhaust system in combination with a large roof spoiler impressive. Dynamics adds specially designed for this model 17-inch alloy Denver.

car8Seat Leon is a compromise for those who have recently traveled to sports cars, and increase family forced them to buy more “family” car.

Dynamic and streamlined silhouette accentuate the sportiness of the vehicle and at the same time you can take “on board” a set of passengers, who should not complain about the lack of space. Five-door hatchback measures just over 4.1 meters in length and over 1.7 meters in width.

The spacious interior that makes every trip can be comfortable. Dashboard only requires przyzwyczajnia because starowania position of the elements of the various devices (blowing lines, heating, windows, car stereo, etc.) are placed in such a way that they simply need to look for. But is it a bug? Well, not really. In an era common to several brands of flooring and cloned technical solutions, it’s pretty nice feeling to take the car, which finally something different from the rest of “society”.

car7Back New Superb Combi is presented neatly and elegantly, and the rear overhang is not, in comparison with the long wheelbase, so extreme. With dimensions of 483.8 cm, 181.7 cm and 148.1 cm in height, the body designers managed to keep the correct proportions. Yet one could fear that the streamlined body shape a bit reduce cabin spaciousness. Meanwhile, engineers managed to achieve quite a decent result.

The car has a luggage capacity of 633 liters, but when unfolded rear seats have been available until 1865 l. For comparison of the Volkswagen Passat has a luggage capacity of 603 / 1731 liters. On the walls are mounted hooks for hanging shopping bags for example, and latches, enabling the empowerment of nets or other small items.

car6On the front you can not confuse this car with any other brand. A classic car is a continuation of the front line of Mitsubishi.

Under the guise of our Colt dozed gasoline 1.3-liter that generates anything you like on this volume, the power of 95 hp. Weighing just 940 kg autko briskly responds to pressing the accelerator pedal. The manufacturer shall ensure that the Colt accelerates to 100 km / h in less than 12 s.

The engine worked precise 5-speed manual transmission. A selection of the proper gear on-board computer informs us, suggesting that the arrows on the display to a higher gear change or a reduction so that the ride was the most economical. Burning in the city reaches less than 7 l/100 km.

The car is nicely maintained and the only on what you can complain about, it’s quite disruptive noise of the engine, which reaches out to the cabin. The suspension of the car is optimally tuned – not too hard nor too soft.

car5Designed by the famous Georgette Giugiaro studio, from the beginning drawn attention to himself. Changes in appearance were strengthened sporty car. Find them, inter alia, in the front bumper, grill and air intakes.

Touch was also made in the interior. Dashboard copied from Grand Vitary, changed the middle panel and illuminated control buttons on the steering wheel. For added comfort and travel taken care of reducing the number of decibels reaching the ears of travelers.

With the high roof line drawn in the car without any problems can accommodate five adults. However, a truck-approved car is registered up to 4 people and 515 kg payload.

car4Present on the Polish market since the autumn, the latest Audi A5 Sportback resembles a sedan, but the trunk lid opens with the glass.

Auto is about 3.6 cm longer than the A4 model, but also lower and has a slightly longer wheelbase and wheels. This makes the Audi A5 has a dynamic presence. The bottom edge of rear side windows in the column rises to the top – just like a model 100 S coupe in 1969.

In addition to the 2.0 TDI car has two exhaust pipes and, as in other versions of the A5 are devoid of the upper door frame. The interior of the new Audi A5 Sportback is very spacious and offers good travel conditions for four people. But rear-seat passengers will immediately feel that traveling by car coupe. Location is not so much as the front, and the high people can not feel comfortable, especially during long drives.

car3Is a mechanism with limited slip differential, which aims to share the drive between the front wheels when they may have a different grip.

This happens for example when cornering, when one wheel is weighted down more than a second or on slippery surfaces.

The inner wheel can turn to lose traction, and then gets more time on the outside wheel, reducing understeer and improving stability.

During cold days, snow fills the car very well – went to a mechanically stable.

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