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A bit unusual coupe

car2Megane Coupe was founded on common components for all the family compact Renault. There is a classic coupe, only two-door hatchback with a dynamic body lines. According to the definition of organization SAE vehicle does not fall into the typical coupe.

But, first, this can be considered an advantage, because racial coupe usually occurs in 2 +2 configuration, making it less useful. Secondly, in times when the market is a lot of vehicles, “pseudo-coupe,” the popular brands (eg: VW Passat CC, Smart For Two, Kia pro’ceed), and even premium producers (eg, Audi A7 and Mercedes CLS) probably no one is surprised this approach to naming.

Apart from the standards and classifications, and by looking at the body from the aesthetic featured Renault can certainly be enjoyed. Its front is far more dynamic than the hatchback with two large air wlotom with matt chrome trim. Massive rear car does not seem przyciezkiego, on the contrary. Motion for a two-door Megane stylists went to five. This is one of the most interesting styles of cars on the market and in this respect, it need not be complex to direct competitors such as Honda Civic, the Opel Astra GTC and the Volkswagen Scirocco.

The cockpit is almost identical to the other cars in the Megane family. A pity, because a little does not match the sporting nature of the Megane Coupe. The quality of materials and finishing is good, but not very original interior. It definitely lacks sporting accents.

The amount of space in the front seats and rear is similar to that in the five-door hatchback, a little less space on the heads of the people involved in rear seat.

Extensive cabin is a big plus, usually racial coupe rear seats are for children or act as an emergency, someone lifts the short haul. Trunk is definitely bad, we will take in the 377 – liter luggage (1,024 liters after the couch).

180-hp 2.0 TCE appears to be optimal for this car, especially in terms of performance. It takes care of a hundred in 7.8 seconds that is in pretty decent time. What is important, working quietly, you can not hear it or turbo does not feel the effect turbodziury.

Two-liter benzynowiec consumes an average of 7.7 liters of fuel per 100 km. In practice consumption depends on driving style, in the city Megane can burn only 10 liters, and when you press the accelerator “to the board,” even the 18th gearbox operates easily, but it could be more precise, in fact tends to haczenia.

To call the sports car is not enough attractive chassis and powerful engine. Need to ensure adequate suspension, powerful brakes and a few other issues yet. Although the Megane Coupe is stable on the road, however, the chassis has been programmed for a more comfortable ride than the dynamic. It is true that suspension is lowered compared to that in the normal Megane about 12 mm, and the coupe since it is lower by 48 mm. The suspension effectively suppresses even greater inequality and working quietly. In general, the low level of noise in the interior must be presented to the strengths of the car. Direct steering reactions are completely different than the Megane II, which are more precise, combined with effective brakes encourages faster driving.

Renault Megane Coupe 2.0 TCE Dynamique kosztuje 77,500 zł.

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