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Alfa Romeo and Sweety

carAlfa Romeo MiTo is a very compact, compact car. Attractive styling with full individuality style catches the eye. Chuck body is a dynamic, powerful character, but the front lights give it a bit of children’s character.

Slightly more adult is the inside, though, and here you can see a lot of youthful fantasies. When you turn the ignition the image on the display screen in the dashboard of a centrally located dot ‘arrives’ as the front part of the car, and after the ignition is switched off, leaving the image back to the dot in the center of the display. Gadget small but tasty.

The upper part of the dashboard and doors are lined with pieces of plastic-like structure of carbon fibers. The interior is attractive, but the beauty of his biting bit functionality. Rich elements inside the lines mean that little space has been on the shelves and lockers. In addition to the passenger compartment is low, the lack of availability of shelf under the central console and small door pockets. Smoking can also use the space occupied by a small, removable ashtray in the shape of the cup.

Fortunately, by looking at the car from behind the wheel he could forgive these shortcomings. From this point of view, was to put an attractive radio control and information system in a car steering wheel or under it.

Engine 1.4 TB is one of the strongest engines of the car. Thanks to the DNA can be a bit diversify its method of operation. The normal mode is quite dynamic, urban autko. In Dynamic mode, faster and more clearly responsive engine and power steering, and then turn on VDC and ASR systems.

In turn, All Weather mode, designed for driving in difficult weather conditions, maintaining the reaction engine or steering mechanism in the standard mode and enhancing the speed and power of the system stabilization VDC.

No snow will not try the latter mode, but the difference between Normal and Dynamic modes is clear – in the other car seems to just look for opportunities to break out forwards.

The suspension of the car is quite stiff, which, combined with niskoprofilowymi tires works well during highway driving, but the torn surfaces sometimes cause an unpleasant shock in the reception.

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