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A new car electric does not go unnoticed: it is the Atomik 500, 100% electric version of the Fiat 500 Abarth developed by the company Atomik Cars.

It weighs 1400 kg. She receives two synchronous brushless electric motors each delivering 80 kW (840 Nm at the front and 1710 Nm at the rear) and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) housed in the rear.

Today, we’ll stop going to dust off old blunderbusses such as AX or other Super 5, as amusing as they are.

It was believed that the GTI generation had disappeared with the Saxo VTS (is still a sport to be addressed in this section!), But in 2006, Suzuki has taken the right recipe to produce the Swift Sport!

We do not often talk about preparations on the basis of all-terrain and yet there are interesting projects, efficient and above all staying within a budget range acceptable.


The Suzuki Vitara prepared by Auto Tuning Rally is a fine example. The goal was to reach a potential of crossing important to have fun in the hills surrounding Barcelona.

new-car3The Italian hills between Rome and Brescia in turn will provide backdrop to the tuk-tuk-tuk-sound of a Saab two-stroke engine. This happens when the directors of Saab and Spyker participates in each 1957 Saab 1993 in the historic Mille Miglia races.

Jan Åke Jonsson from Saab gets his 38-year-old son, Christian, who codriver while Victor Muller of Spyker Cars running with his 18-year-old son, Oliver, passenger seat. The two cars prepared for the race by the specialists at Saab Museum in Trollhattan.

new-car2If you go and wait for a Ferrari 458 without a roof, you’ll have to wait a while yet. In last week unveiled the Fiat Group as its business plan for the next five years, and it appears that the next new Ferrari is not a topless 458 Italia, but a replacement for the large, not very successful 612 Scaglietti. And not only that, it becomes a hybrid.

Technically, the new Ferrari based on toxic hut 599 hybrid, which stood as a concept car in Geneva Motor Show in March. Gasoline engine thus becomes a V12, assisted by one or more electric motors. The model presented as early as next year, goes under the internal code F151.

new-car1Maserati is planning to make a model of what they call the high end of the E-segment. That is, BMW M5, Audi RS6 and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. Plans for the new Maserati model was unveiled as the Fiat group presented its five-year plan last week.

The plan states that the new model must have 10 percent of the market. In return, the Group is far more than the fat with technical information on the new model and there is nothing precise about when the new M5 competitor must be ready.

new-carImports of used cars is soaring. It displays a statement that SKAT has made Bilbasen. During the first quarter were imported 21,886 used cars in Denmark. That is 14,469 more than the same period last year, which was imported 7,417 used cars.

“Dealers are missing really used cars. We have registered a very high number of deals on used car market in the first months of 2010. That has led them to look outside its borders, and now fetches the largely foreign used cars home to customers, “says Kenneth Anderson, CEO of Bilbasen who expect that the total number brugtbilhandler in 2010 will be good 480,000 or 40,000 more than last year.

Nobody can take the charm of Fiat 500th It oozes away of style and stuff, although it is more feminine than masculine. I was nevertheless happy to run around in the small 500C by folding down the rear window behind.

fait1It is not fast, but runs ok without being a dynamic experience. Actual cost of the soft roof further momentum for torsional stability is reduced very surprising. 

faitOur test car was plagued by some technical problems: the flap of the luggage compartment locked up by himself, and power windows rolled down while the car was parked. Repeatedly. Mon Qubo is presented in cooperation with the Association of Danish Domestic news?

Hmm … We let doubt Fiat for good rates and that it is a unique problem for this particular car.

In proceedings: Fiat Qubo run more like a van than a car, but it’s not a car you buy to run their own creators fault. The young family buys it because you can run a pram into the cargo compartment without folding it together first – and so there is still room for shopping bags. And the more mature segment will be glad that rises into Qubo and not into it.

fiat-punto-evo-picture-01Aaaah. It’s a real pleasure to heeling himself behind the wheel of Punto Evo. The cab is a study in sleek, Italian design: Chrome Lists here and here, beautiful sweeping curves of the leather-covered front panel and pianolak on the center console. There has clearly been a focus on design, which is certainly not everyday in a car in this class.

One should however not be fooled by the picture above. For enough usable cases like ratbetjening radio, power windows and electrically side mirrors with heat standard Dynamic series,

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