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C3 bigger than it looks

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car1Looking at the picture C3 Picasso 1.4 SX Packmozna impression that it was a toy. Solid mask and big headlights make the photographs look small autko.

Meanwhile, close to Picasso’s entire mouth – a family car with pakownym, functional interior. A comparison with the C4 and Xsara Picasso, perhaps even more, given the unbalanced, originally styled interiors.

Sit comfortably inside the high people, even though barczystych three guys on the back of the sofa can not dream of convenience.

The cabin has many functional solutions. A useful feature is eg, flattening the switchboard, which can serve as a shelf.

The boot has a large capacity, plus a false floor, which can be fitted at different levels, changing the functionality of the available space. Its capacity can also vary from 385 liters to 500 liters, sliding and folding split rear seat. Useful trifle may also be removable flashlight battery, which serves as a trunk light. Access to the luggage compartment is easy thanks to the wide and low hatch starts.

The suspension is decently comfortable.

After the primary engine is not expected to be at sporting dynamics. In daily operation in the city, however, was sufficient. However, one would like to have more under the heel of the road while overtaking. In its capacity should also be slightly less smoke.

Selected technical data

Engine: 1.4 VTi
Maximum power (hp / rpm): 95/6000
Max torque up. (Nm / rpm): 135/4000
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s): 12.2
Maximum speed (km / h): 178
Average fuel consumption (l/100km): 6.8
Luggage capacity (l): 385 – 1506
Length x width x height (cm): 407.8 x 173 x 162.1
Wheelbase (cm): 254
Mechanical Warranty / perforating (years): 2 / 12
Price (zł): 54 000

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