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new-car2If you go and wait for a Ferrari 458 without a roof, you’ll have to wait a while yet. In last week unveiled the Fiat Group as its business plan for the next five years, and it appears that the next new Ferrari is not a topless 458 Italia, but a replacement for the large, not very successful 612 Scaglietti. And not only that, it becomes a hybrid.

Technically, the new Ferrari based on toxic hut 599 hybrid, which stood as a concept car in Geneva Motor Show in March. Gasoline engine thus becomes a V12, assisted by one or more electric motors. The model presented as early as next year, goes under the internal code F151.

Nobody can take the charm of Fiat 500th It oozes away of style and stuff, although it is more feminine than masculine. I was nevertheless happy to run around in the small 500C by folding down the rear window behind.

fait1It is not fast, but runs ok without being a dynamic experience. Actual cost of the soft roof further momentum for torsional stability is reduced very surprising. 

Aseat-alhambra_ext_02fterwards the changes that it has made in successful Ibiza and Leon, as well as afterwards the arrival of brand new Exeo, came the hour Seat replace big the MPV model. The news Seat Alhambra concerning the [aperchomeno] model allocates new lightning bodies and bumpers. What however makes him distinguish with the first glance they are the drawn lateral doors, that function with the use of one simple.

The new model is bigger than the precedent at 22 hundredth with his total length it reaches the 4,85 metres and it has also bigger width at 9 hundredth. His interior is enough spacious for 5 passengers, with the space of baggages they are 885 litres, while if it falls the [piso] line of seats, reaches the 2.297 litres.

mercedes-concept-shooting-break_ext_03In the international report of car in Beijing of China German Mercedes Benz appears that it decided shows her drawings for the future with the news Concept Mercedes Shooting Breake. According to the last information it will be the final drawing that is expected to come out in the production.

What stirs the interest is the philosophy of German model and [eychristia] operations. Concretely will exist 71 LED in the lightning bodies and in combination with the big bonnet remind us intensely magnificent SLS AMG. Naturally in his interior the luxury is obvious with the investment from skin and timber. Of course exist also the sense of facility with the enormous screen of multimedias, as well as the independent [piso] seats.

ferrari_360s_3_largeFerrari in the next 3 years will change her fleet, bringing in limelight 6 new models. Concretely we will see the 458 Spyder with new Enzo, as well as 4 still models. Many will wonder how much reason is [en] via crisis Ferrari it removes so much new models. And however they were more announced officially from [cheili] the directing adviser of group of Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, in interview of press in Turin.

Except Enzo and 458 Spyder, we will see also the 612 Scaglietti with the V12 of engine with code name F151. The last one we are expected to see him also in hybrid publication, that will be first for Ferrari. And the three are expected in t o 2011.

scioniqsalonedinewyork2010_01There is already those who called the Scion is as a ‘ Cygnet Aston Martin for the “working class”. Joking aside, Toyota has exhibited at the salon in New York with its specific utility for the North American market, which will be sold starting in early 2011 with the brand more youthful and youthful entire Japanese group. The utilitarian bonsai is different from the version with the three ellipses for the unprecedented front bumper, riddled with different criteria – the vents are a larger area – and the plastic insert with a rear-like feature extraction. Also new optical lanterns and mirrors, now burnished.

The value of cosmetic changes, in every way, is revealed when analyzing the data sheet: with a length of 03.05 meters, the Scion is is the longest of six centimeters compared to the European version. Having passed the psychological wall of three meters represents the essential bond to meet U.S. safety standards and contacts at low speed. No change involves the cockpit brought with seating in the configuration 3 +1

bajaj_01The small low-cost Renault-Nissan will implement soon a joint venture with Bajaj for the Indian market could cost about $ 3000. The model would have to go into production later this year, but at present the date of commencement of work has been postponed to a vague “2011″.

The low-cost Renault-Nissan, will be born with the obvious purpose of going to annoy the Tata Nano . The Franco-Japanese battleship, however, judging from the price, seems to have chosen a path different from commercial Tata : low prices yes, but not ragged like the Nano, with probable differences between the two cars in terms of overall quality.

conferenzapianoindustrialefiatlenovitfiatalfaromeolanciaechrysler_01Sergio Marchionne has listed the latest news contained in the business plan that the group Fiat will present the next five years, during which debuted 34 new models, which will add 17 restyling. The House already in Turin next year introduce the new Panda and the large MPV derived directly from the Dodge Journey , and the line will also undergo a makeover. During the 2011 models come out of the scene of an old design as 600 , Point Classic , Siena, Albea, Croma , Multipla , Ulysse and Idea .

hyundai_i10_04Hyundai expands the range of small i10 with the unprecedented progress Like, whose strong point is the inviting list price, equal to 7490 euros on the Italian market. The price of this new version includes some important features such as dual airbags, electric front windows, central locking and four wheel disc brakes.

At the launch, Hyundai announced that the i10 Like is matched to a loan in 36 months interest free, which includes theft and fire insurance for two years. As an alternative to financing, all other versions of the i10 range you can choose the installation LPG price.

a81Tesla Roadster Electric has reached 1000 units produced. An important milestone for the sport electrical junction Lotus, initially plagued by technical problems in transmission and especially burdened with a price of around 100,000 euros, but that has managed to carve out a space thanks to the performance and the possibility of obtaining a rare electric cars already available on the market.

The sample number 1000, exhibited at the Detroit Motor Show, has been painted in the color special “Millennial White” with internal carbon fiber inserts and the proceeds from the sale will be donated to charity some American charities. Just arrived in Detroit is another example of the Tesla Roadster, chassis number 750, driven for 4300 km through the United States starting from Los Angeles to demonstrate the reliability of the car.

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