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car7Back New Superb Combi is presented neatly and elegantly, and the rear overhang is not, in comparison with the long wheelbase, so extreme. With dimensions of 483.8 cm, 181.7 cm and 148.1 cm in height, the body designers managed to keep the correct proportions. Yet one could fear that the streamlined body shape a bit reduce cabin spaciousness. Meanwhile, engineers managed to achieve quite a decent result.

The car has a luggage capacity of 633 liters, but when unfolded rear seats have been available until 1865 l. For comparison of the Volkswagen Passat has a luggage capacity of 603 / 1731 liters. On the walls are mounted hooks for hanging shopping bags for example, and latches, enabling the empowerment of nets or other small items.

Superbia can be used in the luggage mounting system with Audi andcar13 Volkswagen saloons – the floor includes rails for mounting movable partitions, which divide the space and the remaining bags in one place. The Audi moved the system to automatically open the back cover of the retention function of the desired height.

When you open the door once we find that the interior space is very much. Even the passengers seated in rear seats Superb Combi offers more space for the knees than competing models from other brands, such as Volkswegen Passat and Ford Mondeo. If pokusimy by comparison to classical Superba, ride and handling characteristics are almost identical, has not changed and comfort. As the car with such considerable dimensions, it is also good visibility in all directions, making it easier to maneuver in the parking lot for example. To enable the transport of heavy loads changed the suspension, which has been strengthened and aligned differently.

Standard equipment can make useful items, which is to include an electrically opening rear lid, offered together with the automatic sliding window blind, and sliding cargo floor that can help with heavy loads.

Superb Combi is the first model of the brand, which for an additional charge, you can order a system, which allows opening and closing a car without a key (simply touch the door handles), as well as startup and shutdown button engine start / stop, put on the dashboard.

The other option is worth to mention equipment, electric panoramic roof ofcar22 a two-part opening with additional Sunblind. Other elements, such as audio and navigation systems are the same as a sedan.

During the test run showed that almost pięciometrowe car handles very well and the narrow and winding roads. Especially on longer routes we appreciate not only comfort but also the stability of driving this car.

To drive this model has been used three petrol engines TSI/125 1.4 hp, 1.8 hp and 3.6 TSI/160 TSI/260 hp and two diesel 2.0/140 or 170 hp. Like the sedan, the Combi is offered in versions with or drive to the front wheel (with the exception of the main varieties of 1.4 and 2.0). However, all the engines work with standard 6-speed manual gearbox. In the case of the most powerful diesels and petrol versions are also provided 6-speed DSG, 1.8 TSI engine and with its 7-speed variation.

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