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Cool, but spry

car6On the front you can not confuse this car with any other brand. A classic car is a continuation of the front line of Mitsubishi.

Under the guise of our Colt dozed gasoline 1.3-liter that generates anything you like on this volume, the power of 95 hp. Weighing just 940 kg autko briskly responds to pressing the accelerator pedal. The manufacturer shall ensure that the Colt accelerates to 100 km / h in less than 12 s.

The engine worked precise 5-speed manual transmission. A selection of the proper gear on-board computer informs us, suggesting that the arrows on the display to a higher gear change or a reduction so that the ride was the most economical. Burning in the city reaches less than 7 l/100 km.

The car is nicely maintained and the only on what you can complain about, it’s quite disruptive noise of the engine, which reaches out to the cabin. The suspension of the car is optimally tuned – not too hard nor too soft.

Inside the Colt is not what to expect revelations. Plastic, plastic and againcar12 plastic. Does the use of even a token amount of a more man-friendly fabrics, even on the door armrests, is so big expense? The only thing that saves the appearance of the interior is a pleasant texture and aesthetic performance of plastics. On the dashboard you will not find anything that is superfluous. It has a clear, easy to use indicators and intuitive knobs and switches.

During the test, the car moved in an aura of harsh winter. The temperature outside reached 20 degrees Celsius below freezing here and unfortunately we do not copy our pampered. Cars had to beat about 30 km on a route that reigned in the midst of relative warmth.

Trunk, with a modest capacity of 186 l, could be a bit larger by applying the sliding rear bench seat, but unfortunately this solution in this model can not be found, like the cargo area lighting.

car21Mitsubishi Colt car is definitely for those who want to use the low-cost car, which can only be two people jump into the mountains for the weekend. For holders of your own little ones or even a larger dog Horse Colt may not be very comfortable.

The car with that engine in the cheapest trim costs 41 490 zł.

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