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Coupe, which clings to the more

car3Is a mechanism with limited slip differential, which aims to share the drive between the front wheels when they may have a different grip.

This happens for example when cornering, when one wheel is weighted down more than a second or on slippery surfaces.

The inner wheel can turn to lose traction, and then gets more time on the outside wheel, reducing understeer and improving stability.

During cold days, snow fills the car very well – went to a mechanically stable.

When it became warmer and Slush becomes less dense low scrub the car suspended from time to time in the snow gear, and a wide circle on a thin layer of mud pośniegowego also had trouble moving, especially not the hills.

Inside is a five-, but higher on the back of the sofa is not comfortable for adults.
Trunk has useful features such as lockable storage compartments in the upper part of the net hooks on the corners and a hole in the back seat basis, allowing to carry skis inside the car.

Selected technical data

Engine: 1.9 Multijet
Maximum power (hp / rpm): 150/4000
Max torque up. (Nm / rpm): 305/2000
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s): 9.6
Maximum speed (km / h): 209
Average fuel consumption (l/100km): 6.2
Luggage capacity (l): 320/905
Length x width x height (cm): 448.9 x 176.3 x 136.2
Wheelbase (cm): 259.6
Mechanical Warranty / perforating (years): 2 / 8
Price (zł): 108 900

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