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Ferrari, 6250 cars sold in 2009: -5% on the previous

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a109Ferrari has today announced its sales results in 2009. The Maranello company sold 6250 cars in the world, experiencing a decline of -5% over the previous year, with 6587 deliveries when he scored his historic record ever. The house, during today’s board said the figures speak of a “substantial holding” in a highly unfavorable.

In 2009, as outlined today, the niche of luxury sports has declined worldwide over 35%. Ferrari has managed to “control the contraction of sales in mature markets” and at the same time to confirm the growth of emerging countries.

The bulk of the credit must go to the Ferrari California: even 60% of its customers had never bought a Ferrari before. The newly formed 458 Italy however, has not contributed to the result in 2009, since his deliveries have just begun.

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