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Ford Start Concept salon Beijing 2010

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fordstartconcept_01Here are the first pictures of Ford Start Concept that will debut at Beijing Motor Show . This is a prototype of a new engine with 3 cylinders Iceboats 1 liter engine, very interesting models for the future of the American home. The prototype anticipates a global city car with refined design, with LED lighting and connectivity to next generation on-board door to debut the fact My Ford Mobile technology concept that will handle the duties of board with a smart phone plugged into a dock . The system also provides an extensive use of voice commands and is also equipped with touch screen 6 inch.

Unfortunately, Ford has not released technical details of the engine Iceboats, whilst ensuring that can compete with current larger displacement 4-cylinder in terms of performance, whilst maintaining emissions below 100 g / km of CO2. In contortedness compared to rivals, Ford Motor announced for this pairing to a 6-speed manual gearbox, without resorting to double clutch. Start the concept was conceived by the Ford design center in Irvine California and is constructed of cast aluminum body with composite fiber recycled. The dictates of kinetic design are still there, but the lines were rounded up and revised to improve aerodynamics.

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