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Little Miss Sports Monday: Suzuki Swift Sport!

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Today, we’ll stop going to dust off old blunderbusses such as AX or other Super 5, as amusing as they are.

It was believed that the GTI generation had disappeared with the Saxo VTS (is still a sport to be addressed in this section!), But in 2006, Suzuki has taken the right recipe to produce the Swift Sport!


The brief was fairly simple: a light pull with a naturally aspirated engine, a fully disconnectable ESP, and no fireworks from spoiling the pleasure of driving!
The result is convincing: the Swift Sport is proving to be very fun to use on small roads. The brakes are effective, the engine just waiting tu red zone, and the chassis is very communicative. Performance is correct, with a 0-100 shot in less than 9 seconds. One can not expect much better of a 125 hp car weighing 1,080 kg, but the basics are there: Driving pleasure and efficiency.

On top of that, it is almost all seduced by his sexy look ….
At one time fee of close to 8,000 euros, is a great way to have fun at a reduced cost. We say thank you Suzuki, and it is hoped that the proceeds will be engraved in stone for ever!

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