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Next new Ferrari: 4 seats with hybrid technology

new-car2If you go and wait for a Ferrari 458 without a roof, you’ll have to wait a while yet. In last week unveiled the Fiat Group as its business plan for the next five years, and it appears that the next new Ferrari is not a topless 458 Italia, but a replacement for the large, not very successful 612 Scaglietti. And not only that, it becomes a hybrid.

Technically, the new Ferrari based on toxic hut 599 hybrid, which stood as a concept car in Geneva Motor Show in March. Gasoline engine thus becomes a V12, assisted by one or more electric motors. The model presented as early as next year, goes under the internal code F151.

The business plan says nothing about how the 612-successor, presented as early as next year, will look like, but rumors will know that this is a brand new, very different to Ferrari, which – again – breaking with the familiar dogmas of Ferrari country.

Only after 612-successor is presented, there will be a 458 Spider, and after a 458 Scuderia, states the business plan, which is now completely official.

In 2012 comes a replacement for the nvuræende 599 Fiorano (internal code: F152), and year after sheep on the California not a successor then at least a strong facelift. It goes under the name California M. Ferrari has previously used “M” for facelifts. “M” stands for modificata (modified).

Above all these predictions, hovering a brand new Ferrari Enzo Ferrari in top-class. Business Plan does not say when the new top model will, in turn reveals is that there will be a pressure charged engine, then turbo or compressor.

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