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Quick and iconic Golf GTI

car9A dynamic and technically dopieszczony Golf GTI can reach a hundred in less than 7 seconds. It is at the same time as cost-effective and most importantly safe.

Compact GTI looks attractive. It is devoid of “kilogram” plastic spoiler and sill, which can be found in some Japanese cars with a stamp “GT”. Instead, designers have proposed an unnecessary burden on the discreet, sporty elegance. The front element is a distinctive grille and honeycomb painted in red and decorative moldings. The red color is also visible at the terminals of the brake discs. Two widely spaced ends of the exhaust system in combination with a large roof spoiler impressive. Dynamics adds specially designed for this model 17-inch alloy Denver.

Seated in the cabin of the GTI will find comfortable bucket seats finished with high, quality material. Armchairs, sofa, and bacon and finished material in the door of the Scottish grid. The steering wheel is cut at the bottom of the car like a Lamborghini. I should add that in terms of the quality of workmanship and materials used in a group of popular brands of CDs is not finished better cars. A and the comparative example is actually very little Seat Leon II, IV and Opel Astra.

Two-liter gasoline turbo engine delivers 211 horses, and the acceleration in the “hundreds” takes 6.9 seconds. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers. As in any car with a turbo engine, the combustion is highly dependent on driving style. GTI can be frugal or – if you need gas pedal pressure in order – gluttonous.

Innovative solution in that car is a preselection, DSG dual clutchcar15 transmission. It is characterized by extremely fast work, gears are changed almost imperceptibly, and without jerks. Another distinguishing feature of the GTI is a differential of reduced friction (XDS), and DCC adaptive chassis control offers an electronically controlled (programs: standard, comfort and sport). Reduced by 17 mm suspension ensure good handling, the car is stable and thus predictable. Precise steering complements the advantages of a sports exhaust system provides a nice audio experience.

In this class of cars for similar money is a good hot-hatch, but few of them provides yet so high, the quality of performance and usability on a daily basis. Golf GTI checked, as a family, economical compact, but also as dynamic auto sports car. Another important factor is the image of the model developed for many years, in the end it is the sixth generation of the car. For many car lovers, this is almost a cult car.

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