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Robot on the order of – 911 and Harley Davidson

carWhat to do if you want, for example, check the strength of the tent to break wind? Or design a forklift, pole cats, dogs, Airbus cockpit? Or the engine Harley-Davidson? It’s easier than you think.

Porsche continues to address this, which was founded in 1931 by Professor Ferdinand Porsche engineering and consultancy office – on the order of projects. It made this big business. The company bills it issued, inter alia, as one of the F1 engines of the eighties, the braking of the first Audi RS and Mercedes-Benz 500 E, as well as suspension systems and Daewoo Opel Zafira Tacumy. But customers have not only the automotive industry. Do you think that this pole Advertising, Airbus is a tent or a spoof?

Task number one was, and is obviously the same. You say a Porsche, do you think the 911th As ever, and now in terms of performance and technology used Carrera a step ahead of its time. In turn, Harley V-Rod (or more precisely – its engine) is probably the most famous of the projects on the order I have ever made the Porsche.

The idea for the classics of forty years is simple. Today is 911 navigation system and other gadgets, but it is still like that of 1963, bearing the symbol of 901, after a protest by Peugeot (zero centrally located) be renamed the 911th

From the early days of heart-six boxer Carrery is a raw, low, luscious sound, rear-mounted and driving the rear wheels. Over the years, countless incarnations of this engine drove the usual 911, as well as versions of the S, RS and GT Turbo variety. The roads provide unique driving experience, while the tracks were coated champagne. In 1997, the traditional air-cooled engine had to make way for a liquid-cooled unit. Otherwise it was impossible to ensure proper cooling of all four valves per cylinder, and is an important prerequisite in the days when every gram of gas is examined under a microscope. Today Carrery engine in a strong version of S has a capacity of 3.8 liters and delivers an output of 355 hp.

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