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Suzuki Vitara Tuning Rally Car, built for crossing

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We do not often talk about preparations on the basis of all-terrain and yet there are interesting projects, efficient and above all staying within a budget range acceptable.


The Suzuki Vitara prepared by Auto Tuning Rally is a fine example. The goal was to reach a potential of crossing important to have fun in the hills surrounding Barcelona.

suzuki12suzuki13The first step was to graft a motorized HDI borrowed from a Citroen Jumpy , who with his horizontal exchanger and its electronic management changed out 140 horsepower. To supply air to the engine snorkel craft is asked to venture into the rivers without ulterior motives.

suzuki14suzuki15For the hard-crossing, the car is equipped with a system for differential lock at 100% and especially from a kit raises of 7.5 centimeters from home Calmini consisting of springs, shock absorbers, triangles, rods etc. … But also a large body work to optimize the angles of attack and release.

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