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scioniqsalonedinewyork2010_01There is already those who called the Scion is as a ‘ Cygnet Aston Martin for the “working class”. Joking aside, Toyota has exhibited at the salon in New York with its specific utility for the North American market, which will be sold starting in early 2011 with the brand more youthful and youthful entire Japanese group. The utilitarian bonsai is different from the version with the three ellipses for the unprecedented front bumper, riddled with different criteria – the vents are a larger area – and the plastic insert with a rear-like feature extraction. Also new optical lanterns and mirrors, now burnished.

The value of cosmetic changes, in every way, is revealed when analyzing the data sheet: with a length of 03.05 meters, the Scion is is the longest of six centimeters compared to the European version. Having passed the psychological wall of three meters represents the essential bond to meet U.S. safety standards and contacts at low speed. No change involves the cockpit brought with seating in the configuration 3 +1

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