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car3In 1983, Fiat presented the Fiat Uno, as the successor model of the 127th This model, with bodywork designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro hit the tastes of European customers, and remained in production until 1995.

His offspring will look for places between the models Panda and Grande Punto.

Cars to be produced in Brazil, and Fiat has not yet officially announced it will hit the markets. Outside of South America and talking about Europe and Russia. The manufacturer does not provide details about the drive units which are planned for this model.

car2The German manufacturer wants to conquer the Chinese market with electric vehicles. The latest concept called E-Lavida was presented at the fair in Beijing.

This model is based on the product sold in the Chinese market in the Golf sedan, available under the name of the Lavida. E-Lavida is the electric variety, is designed and manufactured in the country.

The manufacturer does not provide details on a prime mover, published as a set of images, allowing to look at what we are dealing with.

mercedes-concept-shooting-break_ext_03In the international report of car in Beijing of China German Mercedes Benz appears that it decided shows her drawings for the future with the news Concept Mercedes Shooting Breake. According to the last information it will be the final drawing that is expected to come out in the production.

What stirs the interest is the philosophy of German model and [eychristia] operations. Concretely will exist 71 LED in the lightning bodies and in combination with the big bonnet remind us intensely magnificent SLS AMG. Naturally in his interior the luxury is obvious with the investment from skin and timber. Of course exist also the sense of facility with the enormous screen of multimedias, as well as the independent [piso] seats.

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