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car8Seat Leon is a compromise for those who have recently traveled to sports cars, and increase family forced them to buy more “family” car.

Dynamic and streamlined silhouette accentuate the sportiness of the vehicle and at the same time you can take “on board” a set of passengers, who should not complain about the lack of space. Five-door hatchback measures just over 4.1 meters in length and over 1.7 meters in width.

The spacious interior that makes every trip can be comfortable. Dashboard only requires przyzwyczajnia because starowania position of the elements of the various devices (blowing lines, heating, windows, car stereo, etc.) are placed in such a way that they simply need to look for. But is it a bug? Well, not really. In an era common to several brands of flooring and cloned technical solutions, it’s pretty nice feeling to take the car, which finally something different from the rest of “society”.

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