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car3In 1983, Fiat presented the Fiat Uno, as the successor model of the 127th This model, with bodywork designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro hit the tastes of European customers, and remained in production until 1995.

His offspring will look for places between the models Panda and Grande Punto.

Cars to be produced in Brazil, and Fiat has not yet officially announced it will hit the markets. Outside of South America and talking about Europe and Russia. The manufacturer does not provide details about the drive units which are planned for this model.

bajaj_01The small low-cost Renault-Nissan will implement soon a joint venture with Bajaj for the Indian market could cost about $ 3000. The model would have to go into production later this year, but at present the date of commencement of work has been postponed to a vague “2011″.

The low-cost Renault-Nissan, will be born with the obvious purpose of going to annoy the Tata Nano . The Franco-Japanese battleship, however, judging from the price, seems to have chosen a path different from commercial Tata : low prices yes, but not ragged like the Nano, with probable differences between the two cars in terms of overall quality.

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