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Aseat-alhambra_ext_02fterwards the changes that it has made in successful Ibiza and Leon, as well as afterwards the arrival of brand new Exeo, came the hour Seat replace big the MPV model. The news Seat Alhambra concerning the [aperchomeno] model allocates new lightning bodies and bumpers. What however makes him distinguish with the first glance they are the drawn lateral doors, that function with the use of one simple.

The new model is bigger than the precedent at 22 hundredth with his total length it reaches the 4,85 metres and it has also bigger width at 9 hundredth. His interior is enough spacious for 5 passengers, with the space of baggages they are 885 litres, while if it falls the [piso] line of seats, reaches the 2.297 litres.

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