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Used Imports rise sharply

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new-carImports of used cars is soaring. It displays a statement that SKAT has made Bilbasen. During the first quarter were imported 21,886 used cars in Denmark. That is 14,469 more than the same period last year, which was imported 7,417 used cars.

“Dealers are missing really used cars. We have registered a very high number of deals on used car market in the first months of 2010. That has led them to look outside its borders, and now fetches the largely foreign used cars home to customers, “says Kenneth Anderson, CEO of Bilbasen who expect that the total number brugtbilhandler in 2010 will be good 480,000 or 40,000 more than last year.

Last year was good imported 45,000 used cars to the country but continue to develop as it is started in the first quarter, then the number will be doubled for the entire 2010th

“I do not expect any slowdown in used car market, and although the high nybilsalg automatically sends a large amount of prey cars out on the market, so the dealers will still be missing used cars, and therefore imports will remain high,” explains Kenneth Andersen.

While the prices of used cars in the past two months have been soaring in Denmark, so the situation is different in Germany. Here are the prices of newer used cars lowest in several years, and therefore very car dealers get a few Euro.

According Bilbasen information, it is especially popular medium cars such as VW Golf and company cars as the VW Passat and MPV models as the Opel Zafira, which is popular to get home to second-hand market but more expensive models like the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series is also increasingly imported.

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