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Volkswagen is planning the creation of a separate division R

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a72Volkswagen R will soon become a separate division against the mark in Wolfsburg: The department that deals with sport variants of the house, could then take in the future more autonomy than the same.

The announcement has already been ancitipato in recent days, and will be formalized at the next Geneva Motor Show, which will be inaugurated on March 2. Men Volkswagen, speaking of this next development, make explicit reference to Mercedes – AMG, BMW Motorsport and Audi quattro GmbH as role models for what will be Volkswagen R.

Early models of change are the newest R Golf and Scirocco R: after them, this unborn internal division will deal with all the models in the range that exhibit characteristics consistent with the philosophy of the sports brand. Translated in other words means that even the Polo, most likely, will follow the variant GTI with something more spicy …

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